The inevitable rendezvous with Nicolas Messer

Nicolas Messer

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to visit my ePortfolio. This portfolio is divided into several sub-sections that represent the breadth of my experiences and influences that can give you an idea of where I am in my life. The content represent a mash-up from my academic, professional and personal life in recent years with which I hope will give you, the reader, a clear idea of who I am. With the assembly of these materials, I had the unique opportunity to step back and consider what I’ve done and reflect on my future projects, and share them with you.

In this portfolio you can also find my curriculum vitae. I consider the résumé as a document in a constant draft mode which with each change/update reflects my professional and personal development. So you’ll find all the new experiences as well as all the valuable experiences I have gained so far.

“Great men are not born great, they grow great . . .”

-Mario Puzo

Now all that’s left is to wish you a pleasant journey browsing through the different parts of my ePortfolio.
– Nicolas Messer