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Are Social Networks Considered Personal?

The other day I was reading a post on Mashable and another one on the online version of a Swiss newspaper, the Tages-Anzeiger, about how many tweets and text messages were sent over the holidays. According to Twitter, almost 7000 tweets per second were sent in Japan as we entered the year 2011. And the Tages-Anzeiger states in his post that there were 73.5 million text messages sent in Switzerland just over the three Christmas days and several more millions during the New Year.

This led me to the question “Are Social Networks Considered Personal?”…and with personal I mean intimate? Another question is why are there still so many text messages sent with all the social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, that are used today? Of course the kids or teenagers get their hands on cell phones a lot earlier than back when I was their age. But wouldn’t exactly this group of individuals rather use Twitter and Facebook to send their friends wishes for the holidays?

I remember the time I used to send all of my friends and contacts on my cell phone the same text message on Christmas and then do the same again on New Year’s Eve. It wasn’t personal, nor intimate but everyone was doing it and it was sort of a good code of conduct doing the same thing. Nowadays, many of my friends updated their status on Facebook to be the wishes for all their friends (not questioning what that term means on Facebook).

So I’m questioning myself, is a Facebook status everyone (even those who are actually not your friends) can see more personal than a group text message? Not sure I can answer this question as I’ve come to a point in my life where I didn’t send a group text message to all my cell phone contacts, nor did I post a Facebook status with wishes for everyone. Certainly, I did send out some personal text messages and send a personal message on Facebook to some of my friends and even commented on the status updates of my friends or reply to their tweets wishing them the best for the holidays.

I didn’t say it was wrong to use those outlets to do this. Things change and those are how we are connected today. All I’m saying is that there are still ways to keep things personal or intimate for that matter on those important days.

Also in Mashable’s post they embedded this neat map that Twitter put together to show the activity spreading from time zone to time zone, as each new region welcomes the new year. I embedded it below so you can watch it as well…pretty impressive.

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