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Connect a School, Connect a Community

Connect a School, Connect a Community

Through Connect a School, Connect a Community, ITU will work with a range of partners to identify and compile best practices on polices, regulation, applications, services and practical experiences to be shared with interested countries through the development of an online Toolkit and related capacity-building activities.

ITU launched a new public-private partnership, with the support of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, effort to promote broadband school connectivity to serve both students and the communities in which they live. Connected schools have the potential to serve as community ICT centers to provide access to services for persons living in rural, marginal urban and isolated areas, with a particular focus on disadvantaged and vulnerable groups such as women and girls, indigenous people, persons with disabilities and youth and children.

During the 2009 World Telecom in Geneva the Youth Forum participants worked on a declaration to help launch this important initiative of the ITU. The above text was taken from the ITU-D Connect The World site. Please go there for more information on the Connect a School, Connect a Community initiative.

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